Speak for Amazon Alexa

OS X 10.11
The only Menubar Widget for Amazon Alexa on Mac! Alexa is your personal assistant that can answer questions, report weather forecasts, provides sports scores and schedules, and more using Amazon's Voice Service. For example, ask Alexa the following questions: Alexa, what is the price of Bitcoin? Alexa, what is the weather forecast for next week in San Francisco? Alexa, what is the capital of Kosovo? Alexa, convert 12 kilograms to pounds. Alexa, what is Apple's stock price? Alexa, how far is Mars? Disclaimer: Requires an Amazon account for use. Neither Amazon.com nor its affiliates were involved in the development of this application. Widget for Amazon Alexa does not support music playback and audiobooks. Amazon, Alexa, and Echo are trademarks of Amazon Inc.