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SpeakerCalc is an easy-to-use graphing calculator that supports do-it-yourself cabinet design for a woofer or subwoofer loudspeaker system. It makes use of the Thiele-Small parameters available from speaker manufacturers, and displays essential response curves such as sound intensity levels and cone excursion. Analysis features: - Sound pressure/intensity level curve - System impedance curve - Support for passive radiator designs as well as closed and ported enclosures - Port airspeed and vent length - Passive radiator mass output for resonance tuning - Off-axis directivity attenuation calculation - Alignment choices for ported (vented) and closed-box designs Convenience features: - Continuous parameter adjustment via slider, with instant response curve update - Automatic parameter units conversions - Creation, saving, and editing of designs - Several built-in driver specifications, and easy entry of more The in-app help document can be previewed on the support site.