Intel 64 / OS X / Intel 32
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SpeakMyTunes can read out the title of each song you listen to in iTunes, as well as who's performing it and the album on which it features. It sounds kind of like a chirpy cyborg radio presenter. Resistance is futile. Let your Mac announce the next song, American Top 40-style. Sometimes you like to potter about doing other stuff while listening to music, right? If you're anything like us, we'll wager there are times when you're away from your Mac, rocking out to a random playlist in shuffle mode when an incredible piece of music comes on and you can't quite place it. But... oh, no! You can't bound across the room to see what it is, because you're washing your hair, or Mr Snuffles is curled up asleep in your lap, or somebody's handcuffed you to the radiator. With SpeakMyTunes enabled, that won't be a problem any more. It magically harnesses the communicatory power of robo-speech to tell you exactly what's coming up next. Hot diggity! Don't stop what you're doing... SpeakMyTunes can be useful even when you're sitting right in front of your Mac. Say you're busy filling in a spreadsheet or drafting a carefully worded email or you're engaged in some delicate retouching work in Photoshop. You don't want to interrupt what you're doing and switch to iTunes just to find out what's playing, do you? Of course not. Now you can just carry on working and let your new buddy SpeakMyTunes namecheck it for you. Easy. "OMG! There's a like, totally loquacious disc jockey trapped inside my iTunes library!" Your Mac is going to get pretty chatty once this software is up and running. Now you may be thinking "What if I don't like its voice?" Not to worry, at Ettore Software we're all about choice and personal preference. We wouldn't dream of foisting a set menu on you, so we've tapped into the synthetic voice library that's built into Mac OS X to allow you to pick your favourite vocal style. Want SpeakMyTunes to talk like an asthmatic Dalek? No problem, just select 'Deranged' from the dropdown menu. Or maybe you'd prefer a sound akin to a news anchor trying to keep it together while someone tickles his feet under the desk. In that case, 'Alex' is your man. You've got 24 voices to choose from. Go ahead, knock yourselves out, it's fun.The magnificent preferences menu sure is something to behold ...Hang on, you're not still reading this guff, are you? You ought to be downloading SpeakMyTunes to take it for a spin by now. It may not change your life, but hey, at least it's free. Rock on.