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SpeedDial lets you call your favorite contacts and send iMessage / SMS messages to them from your Mac. Features: * Call your favorite contacts with one click * Send iMessage / SMS to your favorite contacts with one click * Call or send iMessage to any number or a contact in your addressbook * Your contacts are on Touch Bar. * Menubar app: It is available all the time regardless of open app. * Auto-launch: When enabled, the app will be available everytime you log in to your computer * Keyboard Hotkeys: You can open the app using Cmd + Ctrl + s (You can assign a custom hotkey too.) * When the app is active, pressing keys from 1 to 9 will call the corresponding SpeedDial contact. Similarly, Option + keys (1 to 9) will send iMessage / SMS to corresponding SpeedDial contact. * Dark mode: It is available in both normal and dark mode themes Note: You need a Macbook Pro with Touch Bar to view Touch Bar items To take full benefit of the app, please make sure that: * You have an iPhone with iOS 8.1 or later * Your Mac has at least OS X 10.11 installed * You have enabled “Calls from iPhone” in FaceTime Preferences. * You give permission to access contacts. We care about your privacy: Your address book information is not shared with any third party or sent through Internet. For more updates: http://www.twitter.com/speeddial_app