SpeedFocus 2

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Create Focus, Depth of Field, Simulate Speed and Blur With SpeedFocus you put your subject in Focus while giving different kind of speed blur effects. So easy to use and so powerful to pack a BIG KICK to all your photos... Step 1: Easy Fun... Use a brush and just create a selection area Step 2: Pack a Punch... Classic: Adjust a blur and your subject is in focus. Speed: Give a speed and wind effect while keeping your subject in focus... only HighSpeedFocus can do that so precisely! Radial: Adjust interactively the vanishing point and have your focus subject as it would jump out of the image. Concentric: Spin the background for great effects. Step 3: Final Touch... Add a Vignetting effect and adjust the exposure through the edges, for a beautiful dreamy finish Step 4: Save in the format of your choice (JPG, BMP, TIFF, PNG)