Spelling Sounds 1 Pro

OS X 10.6
WHAT IS SPELLING SOUNDS™ 1 PRO? Spelling Sounds™ 1 Pro helps beginning and struggling readers to learn to spell. It is a fun, effective and scientifically based teaching tool that helps you to teach students to segment (break up) words into speech sounds and to then spell them using letter-sound knowledge. The app uses a unique teaching system that automatically identifies what a child knows, what the child does not know, and which words the student finds difficult. Spelling Sounds™ 1 Pro includes a large library of CVC (e.g. 'cat'), CCVC (e.g. 'stop') and CVCC (e.g. 'lost') words and is fully customisable, making it easy to set up custom activities to teach students to read specific word types (such as three letter words ending in -at, or four letter words beginning with st-). Spelling Sounds™ 1 Pro is ideal for helping beginning spellers, students with spelling difficulties and students learning English as a second language. It is a perfect complement to any phonics program and is sure to become a favourite tool for teachers, parents, literacy specialists and anybody else with an interest in the teaching of reading and spelling! PLEASE NOTE: - Requires iPad 2 or higher - This app is Australian! US and UK accents coming soon - Spelling Sounds™ 1 Pro is not just a game - it is a powerful and fully customisable teaching tool. Please take some time to experiment with it yourself before trying it with students! WHY IS THE ABILITY TO BREAK WORDS UP INTO SPEECH SOUNDS WHEN SPELLING IMPORTANT? Skilled spellers are good at understanding that words are made up of speech sounds (a skill called phonemic awareness). They are also good at understanding how these speech sounds are represented by letters in words. These skills help children to spell words successfully because understanding how letters usually represent the way we say words gives children an advantage in understanding our spelling system. Difficulties with these skills are a hallmark of the struggling speller. SUMMARY OF FEATURES - Teaches students basic spelling and segmentation skills - Includes a huge library of CVC, CCVC & CVCC words, pictures and sentences - Developed by a reading specialist - Fun, effective, scientifically based - Multisensory, scaffolded support to assist learning - Unique, patent pending, highly effective teaching method - Complements any phonics program - Fully customisable: create activities with specific word patterns!