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SpiceUp Posters for Pages is the perfect fit for all your Poster needs! Explore a professionally handcrafted set of artistic poster templates meeting for every occasion highest standards. Create stunning Posters and more quickly and easily with these fully customizable SpiceUp Templates for Pages. This set includes a wide variety of Poster Templates. REPLACE IMAGES Drag and drop your own images onto the media placeholders SWAP COLORS Change colors of text and elements to fit your own style. CHANGE TEXT Type or copy your own text over the placeholder text TEXT STYLES Change colors of text and elements to fit your own style. DIFFERENT PAPER SIZES All templates are available in US letter and A4 sizes. Paper size is selected automatically, depending on your region, though you can still choose manually. BUILT IN GETTING STARTED TOUR We have included a Getting started tour so you are never lost in the dark. IMPORTANT: PAGES REQUIRED Pages - Apple’s word processor is required, so make sure you have Pages app installed on your Mac. In order to open any of the templates, you need to have latest version of Pages installed on your computer. You can download Pages from Mac App Store. If you cannot open a template make sure Apple Pages is installed on your Mac! Want to share some feedback, need help, or want to give us some praise? Email us at support@spiceupapps.com Tweet @spiceupapps