Spider Solitaire 2018

OS X 10.12
#1 Card Game in 9 Countries - classic Spider Solitaire with Retina Graphics! Clean interface with a nuisance-free implementation, free of ads, registrations and all that stuff. Enjoy! User interface can be toggled for your preference, scores and timer visible for more competitive play, or a simplified layout for relaxed gaming. Includes: - 1, 2 and 4 suits gameplay for increasing challenge - Relaxed and... uh, unrelaxed spider - Optional sounds - Optional timer - Optional scoring - Optional auto-flip revealed cards - High scores tracking (timed bonus, difficulty bonus) - Fastest game won list - Smart resizable window - Undo - Retina graphics support for high resolution screens ------------ How to play ------------ The game is played with two decks of cards for a total of 104 cards. Fifty-four of the cards are laid out horizontally in ten columns with only the top card showing. The remaining fifty cards are laid out in the lower right hand corner in five piles of ten with no cards showing. In the horizontal columns a card may be moved to any other card in the column as long as it is in descending numerical sequence. For example, a six of hearts may be moved to a seven of any suit. However, a sequence of cards can only be moved if they are all of the same suit in numerical descending order. For example, a six and seven of hearts may be moved to an eight of any suit, but a six of hearts and seven of clubs cannot be moved together. Moving the top card in a column allows the topmost hidden card to be turned over. This card then enters into the play. Other cards can be placed on it, and it can be moved to other cards in a sequence or to an empty column. The object of the game is to uncover all the hidden cards and by moving cards from one column to another to place cards in sequential order from King to Ace. Each final sequence must be all of the same suit. Once a complete sequence is achieved the cards are removed from the table. Once a player has made all the moves possible with the current card layout, the player draws a new row of cards from one of the piles of ten in the right lower hand corner by clicking on the cards. Each of the ten cards in this draw lands face up on each of the ten horizontal columns and the player then proceeds to place these in such a way to create a sequence of cards all in one suit.