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- The Ultimate Multi-User CRM software - Stay connected with your business contacts and save time by getting organized! Collaborate as a team and get your customers, prospects, email, calendar, tasks, memos, documents, projects and archive in one central database. Features in this Limited free version: - all contacts including its own archive - email integration via IMAP (e.g. Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, iCloud, Hotmail, Me.com) - 30-days email history retrieval - auto archiving of emails - task management & real-time alerts - document / project management - contact & folder linking - a shared office calendar - interrelations - filter options - sending group mailings - sending text messages - scanning integration - multi-user usage - 2 MS Office document templates - Mac Contacts, MailChimp & MessageBird integration - access to- and sync with SpinOffice iOS app - sync of contacts and calendar in SpinOffice across Apple devices Any document, file or message is stored in the cloud, encrypted and only you and your coworkers will get the key. SpinOffice Limited edition provides you with free storage up to 50 manually added items. Every sent email, attachment, uploaded document or file is counted as item. Incoming email & mass contact import (Excel and Mac Contacts) is not considered as item. Upgrade to Pro for a year and take advantage of: • unlimited number of contacts • data storage up to 100.000 items • full email integration • encryption of all data • daily backups • user support • versioning • unlimited number of MS Office document templates • Pro features (e.g. roles & permissions per user, time registration, sending birthday- and scheduled text messages)