Spiritual Healing

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Discover the World of Spiritual Healing with this highly informative collection of 297 videos. App features: ** Edit the video title, subtitle and keep your own set of user notes. ** Move the video around it's group and even change it's group. ** Make videos your favourites and give them your own rating ** Search by title or notes ** View by favourites or rating ** View by history the last ten played or visited videos Videos include: How Are You Experiencing The New 5D High Vibration Energies Some Tips How to Use The Merkaba to Create From Your 5D High Vibration Lightbody How To Use The Now Moment To Create Magic Miracles in Your Life How to Activate Your Blocked Hand Chakra Receive From The Universe Green Prehnite Crystal Overcome DarkStressfulDepressing Situations Working With Crystals How Do You FeelSense Crystal Energy Crystals How The Magic of Creating With Crystals is Happening Crystals Express Yourself With Blue CrystalsLet it Out Crystals Do Your Crystals Look BoringDull What Does it Mean Intuition Whats Your Strongest IntuitivePsychic Ability Do You Know Crystals Now That You Have CrystalsWhat Next Crystals Cant Identify Your Crystals What Does it Mean Crystals How Working With Crystals Has Changed My Life Septarian How To Communicate With Joyful Sparks of Energy Moldavite You Are A High Vibration Being Crystals Are You Still Attracted To The Same Type of Crystals What Does it Mean Crystals Do You Touch Other Peoples Crystals Crystal Jewelry Why I Love Wear CrystalGemstone Jewelry Crystals How to Examine Your Crystals For CluesInsight About Their Purpose Why I Love Inner WorkShadow Work How Crystals Help Me Crystals Is Your Crystal BrokenCracked What Does it Mean Dreams Pay Attention to Your Night Time Dreams Spirit Quartz Crystal Keep Your VibrationFrequency High Enjoy Life Larimar Crystal Feel GoodDetoxDeclutterRelease Emotions Be Free How Crystals Are Portals For Inner Work Awakening Remembering Who We Are Moss AgateDendritic Agate Crystals Abundance Prosperity Is Within Peacock Ore Chalcopyrite My Accept The Situation Stone How I Use Multicolored Crystals Banded Crystals To Shift My Reality Snowflake Obsidian My Stone For Heated Volatile Unexpected Situations Tigers Eye Crystal Discern Cut Through False Beliefs IIlusions ArchangelsAngelic Realms Why I Love Work With Them Daily Nuummite Crystal Follow Inner Guidance Create Magic in Your Life How To Receive Messages From Crystals The Universe Bloodstone Crystal Whats Draining Your Life Stop The Bleeding Live Carnelian Crystal My Creativity Say Yes to Opportunities Gemstone Crystals With Rainbows How I Use Them Why I Love Them Crystal Grids How I Make Crystal Grids Why I Love Use them Crystals How To Bond Intimately With Your Crystals for Maximum Effect How I Understand Chakras Use Crystals Love Heal My Body My Crystals Helped Me Quit My 3D Job Get Courage To Live My Truth Crystal Lovers Google Hangout Invitation July 26th 2014 Desert Rose Crystal My Hope and Love Crystal High Frequency Essential Oils How I Use Them Why I Love Them My Crystals Brought Me Friends Sacred Relationships Spiritual Connections Pyrite Fools Gold Crystal Accept Yourself You Are Not A Substitute HematiteMy Mirror Mental Grounding Energy Giving Strength Determination Stone How I Use Moon EnergyPower To Support My Life Work Decisions My Crystals For Dreams Connect to Angels Get Spirit Messages Visions How We Are Impacting Changing Each Others LivesBanded Agate How I Make Heart Based DecisionsChoices That Save My Life Raise Your FrequencyVibration By Stopping The Madness Crystal Elixirs How I Make CrystalGemstone Water Why I Love it More Sacred SymbolsGeometry Dream Symbols How I Use Them Celestite Crystal Angelite Crystal My Spiritual Human Angels Connection Support Crystals and more.