SPLnFFT Viewer

OS X 10.11
This Mac App is a companion for iOS App "SPLnFFT Noise Meter". If you do not own this iOS App, then this Mac App will be of no interest for you. Data exported from iOS App to your Dropbox directory can be visualized here. Input binary files are expected to be found at default Dropbox location. Yet you can specify another directory. What is important is to confirm location ("Open") to allow read/write to this directory. Select a date top left then click and drag the mouse over the wanted period in graphic area. Some statistics will be re-computed on the fly and displayed top right. You can export a .csv file of the extracted period using SAVE command in top menu, to open it later in Excel for example. In this .csv file, you will find from left to right: hours, minutes, seconds, 8ths of seconds, FAST, SLOW. Need more features or further help ? Visit our FB page.