SQLite Database Manager

OS X 10.11
Browser Sqlite Database data with Sqlite Database Manager, you can view data easily with Filter, Sort, Paging. With the In-App Purchase 'Edit Data' and 'DB Creator' you can edit it directly on your Mac, create new databases and new tables. * View table data with paging list * 10+ data view UI control (include Map, Date Time, Checkbox, Rating, Color ...) * Filter/Search table data on column * Sort table data by click on the column header * Choose tables to show and columns to show * Drag drop rearrange column order and change column width in main table * Zoom data via change data font size * Open multiple database at same time * Full screen view data * CSV View and export * Html View with customisable template * Works great with companion mobile app 'Sqlite Database Manager' for iPhone and iPad In-app Purchase 'Edit Data' Features: * 10+ data edit UI control (include Map, Date Time, Checkbox, Rating, Color Picker,Dropdown, Multi-select...) * Update table row data * Delete table row data * Add table row data * Cross table ID,Value single or multi-select using the Data Picker In-app 'DB Creator' Features: * Create Database * Create Table * Create contacts table by import Contacts In-app Purchase 'Map View' Features: * View Geolocation on map Support two format: 1. Latitude and Longitude column data; 2. any column contain this format geolocation: {lat:11.123,lng:34.56} * Auto update Geolocation by search address Select address column to search, and select save to column to save the found geolocation. Please select the column which have enough length to save Latitude and Longitude. In-App Purchase 'Instant Web Server' Features: * Publish data on local network with one single click, view and add data on any web browser from mobile devices or computers * Easy setup template for list page and detail page * Build-in form to add data * Configable URL Path, template and server port * Build-in 10+ Html Table Template In-App Purchase 'App Builder' * Build customised User Interface for your database * Bind database table row data to user control * Support Rows Table List, Row detail data controls, search field