OS X 10.11
SQLiteDirector is an easy to use but powerful tool to manage SQLite3 Databases. Create new Databases and add Tables, Views, Triggers or Indices. In an existing Database change the Table structure in almost any way you want. Change the sort order of Columns by dragging in the Edit Table window. Import and export Tables as CSV or SQL. Attach / Detach Databases, Backup / Rollback, check Integrity, Vacuum a Database and change the internal settings of a Database to your needs. Display data records and apply filters to see only the data you need. Add, edit, duplicate or delete data records. Delete multiple data records in one action. Execute raw SQL statements. A powerful print engine let you print data records in the form of a Table or print the structure of Tables, Views, Triggers or Indices. All actions done against the Database are recorded in a log with execution time and the SQL statement, so you can follow precisely what happened to the database. SQLite syntax highlighting.