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Introduction: SQLiteFlow is a database editor for SQLite 3. Features: Data Viewer • View, edit or add table data. • View table data with a convenient data filter. • Copy data to CSV. Alter Table • View, edit or add table fields, indexes, foreign keys, checks. • View triggers. • View DDL. • Preview the query that for altering table. Query Editor • Execute query and show query results. • Explain query. • Format query. • Syntax highlighting. • Auto completion. • Copy query with custom style. Remote Connect • Supports open remote SQLite database on iPhone or iPad with SQLiteFlow(iOS) installed. Database Statistics • For now, the statistics include each table's name and record count. Other features • Drag and drop to open databases. • Handle database file name or directory changes. This makes SQLiteFlow can work friendly with your SQLite database in iOS simulator. • Attach opened databases without any code. This is a very handy feature that could save lots of your time from writing ATTACH DATABASE commands.