Squeebles Spelling Test

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Perfect for 5 to 11 year olds, Squeebles Spelling Test allows you to set up completely personalised spelling tests for your children, giving them the opportunity to practise in a fun, interactive way. You input the exact words your children need to learn, recording them in your own voice. In addition, you can download over 150 preset tests, created by us, from within the app, featuring over 1800 words and based on the UK national curriculum. "After evaluating many spelling apps, I was so pleasantly surprised while testing out Squeebles Spelling – it’s a winner!" - TeachersWithApps.com Complete customisation of spelling tests for your children, three test modes and an engaging mini game children can play as a reward for doing well in their spellings, make this app a fun and effective way of helping children with their weekly spelling lists or general spelling practice. Can also be used for practising languages. - Parents & Teachers - Quickly and easily set up personalised spelling tests for your children, using the words you want them to learn. The app allows you to set up tests, enter words and then record audio versions of those words for your children to listen back to before they spell them. Alternatively, download over 150 preset tests we've set up for you. - Children - rescue Squeebles and earn turns on the squeeberang game by doing well in your spelling tests. Win stars to trade for better squeeberangs to use in the game by spelling words correctly. - Features (from a parents' point of view)... > No in-app purchases or third party advertising. > The fun mini-game and reward system is set up so that your child will want to keep coming back to do more and more spelling tests so they can progress through the game. > Unlimited players can be registered, making this ideal for home or classroom use. > "Parents' Zone" allows you set up and manage tests, add and edit players and view stats from each player. > Unlimited, completely personalised tests can be set up and assigned to different players, meaning weekly spelling lists from school can be entered as their own tests. > Share tests between up to 10 devices with a free KeyStageFun account. > Download over 150 completely editable tests created by us, featuring over 1800 words based on the UK national curriculum. > Audio record function within the app lets you record each word in your own voice. > Use your Mac's keyboard or the on-screen keyboard to enter spellings. > A personalised congratulations message can also be recorded for when your child scores full marks." > Players can be allowed to see the words before being asked spell them as well as hear them. > Case sensitivity, foreign characters settings. > Tests can be assigned to multiple players. > Instructions and other preset content can be displayed in UK or US English. > Lower or upper case keyboard. > Full stats, including a list of tricky words that each child is struggling with. > Dyslexia-friendly mode including the OpenDyslexic font. - Features (from a child's point of view)... > Help Gumbo rescue the Squeebles from the nasty Spelling Snake, who has taken them prisoner. There are 20 to rescue. > Answer spellings correctly to win time on the Squeeberang game (a fun game the Squeebles love to play where you throw a Squeeberang as far as you can with a Squeeble sitting on it!!!) > Use your Mac's keyboard or the on-screen keyboard to enter spellings. > Earn stars to trade for Squeeberangs or power-ups by doing well in spelling tests. Each Squeeberang has a different theme. There are 100 to collect in total. > See your top Squeeberang scores. > See the Squeebles you've rescued, including their personalities. > See all the Squeeberangs you've collected. Our apps have been featured on BBC Radio as well as in the Daily Telegraph, The Guardian and many online app review sites specialising in children's educational apps.