SRT Extractor for Closed Caption and Subtitles

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Extract closed caption and subtitles from your own video and save them to SRT files on Mac. You can extract subtitles from online DRM-free video tutorials or DRM-free educational video,like University Open Course. -Mov, m4v, mp4, 3gp files are supported. -MPG TS Stream video are supported. -Most video with text tracks are supported. -Extract multiple subtitle tracks at one time. -You can review subtitles with timecode right in the App. -You can click on timecode to jump video playhead. -You can download ‘FinalSRT' to import SRT directly to Final Cut Pro 7/X -You can download 'SRT Edit Pro' to edit your SRT subtitles or do retiming. -You can download 'Subtitle Writer' to write the SRT subtitles to video as a tx3g text track. Visit to learn more before you buy it. *Important Notice: -Soft coded subtitle and closed caption only. -Can’t extract hard coded subtitles or subtitles burned into video. -Only those DRM-free or DRM removed video can be extracted. -Subtitle track with tx3g format are all supported. -Most closed caption embedded in c608 are supported, not all of them. Since Closed Caption are really complex to read, please send us your video sample to if you get error message.