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SSH Tunnel reaches its “end of life”, it receives no further maintenance updates, including critical security upgrades. We highly recommend that you switch to **Core Tunnel** at this point. -------------------------------------- SSH Tunnel allows you to easily manage and precisely control your ssh tunnels. SSH Tunnel is able to remember the ssh login password and save it to OS X's keychain. Furthermore, SSH Tunnel is designed to automatically reconnect when your Mac is waking up from sleep. Notable Features: - Auto launch when log in OS X - Can manage multiple ssh tunnels and port forwardings - Individual port forwarding can be enabled or disabled at will - Automatically reconnect after disconnected by errors or waking up from sleep - Remember and autofill ssh login passwords in OS X keychain automatically - Able to manage private keys, and can remember / forget passphrases of private keys in keychain - Tunnels can be imported from / exported as JSON file SSH Functions: - Support Local / Remote Port Forwarding tunnels - Can create and share HTTP, HTTPS and SOCKS5 proxy (aka Dynamic Port Forwarding) - Able to compress SSH connection - Support public-key, password, keyboard-interactive authentication methods - Support Google Authenticator and Authy for two-step verification - Support multi-factor authentication - Can deal with DSA, RSA, ECDSA, ed25519 private key types - RFC4716, PKCS#8 and PEM key formats are supported, compatible with OpenSSH SSH Tunnel support mail: