StackMatch 2 Treasure Hunter

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SALE AT 30% OFF. StackMatch 2: Treasure Hunter is totally addicting puzzle matching game. Get it now and don't miss out! Collect as many gems as possible to help James, a treasure-hunter and archeologist, embark on a quest for riches through Egypt. In the timetrial mode you must do this as quickly as possible. Be careful! Each layout level has different timer level that will tick down. Use your strategy when matching the gems on the stacks to solve all those puzzles. Features: - Supports both full screen and window modes. - Play Normal and Time Trial modes. - Attractive animated How to Play tutorials. - Stack layouts. - Unlimited challenges. - Automatic saving of games. - Local and global high scores and achievements. - Game Center. - Posts your score on Twitter. - Cool music and sounds. - Good animation and graphics.