Starbase Gunship

OS X 10.6.6
"THE GAME IS OUTSTANDING" - iPhone Life Magazine Defend an outpost on the edge of Terran space with your state of the art TAF Gunship. Also available on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. You are the weapons officer on board the AC-130 gunship of the future. Your quick reflexes and a bunch of hot lead is all that stands between thousands of civilian lives and an Alien invasion fleet. - Arm your Gunship with Lasers, Missiles and a Vulcan Cannon. - Upgrade your weapons to increase their firepower and range. - Upgrade the Starbase with improved hull plating. - Use Nuclear warheads to terminate entire waves of enemy ships. - Compete for the High Score on Game Center and challenge yourself with 15 Achievements Find out more about Starbase Gunship and check out the trailer at: