Start Usage Meter

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Use this app to monitor your Start ( Communications data usage. Take control of your usage monitoring with this powerful third-party usage monitoring utility. This app sits in your menu bar at the top of your screen and updates its usage reading at an interval set by you. It also provides quick and easy access to daily usage breakdown, and detailed usage statistics. Features: • Monitor multiple Start Communications connections all from one app • Displays usage in the menu bar at the top of all your displays • Shows you your remaining cap allowance • Updates automatically at an interval you set (1-12 hours, or never) • Shows detailed usage summary • Shows daily usage breakdown • Works away from your Start Communications connection • Offers Touch Bar support for MacBook Pro with Touch Bar The Start Usage Meter updates periodically (or you can manually request an update) and displays detailed information about your data usage on your home or business internet connection. A summary of your usage is also available in your OS X menu bar at the top of your screen. After initial setup, the usage meter works even when away from your Start Communications connection. As always, the official usage page should be taken as accurate over this app.