Statistical Calculations

OS X 10.9
Statistical Calculations app helps you to calculate easy many different types of Qualitative and Quantitative data. > Risk Difference > Absolute Value > Adjusted R Squared (Population R-Squared) > Altman Z Score Business Bankruptcy > Bayes Theorem (Bayesian) > Bonferroni Correction > Camarilla Intraday Trading Equation > Cp And Cpk > Effect Size, Cohen's d Calculation for T Test > Estimate PERT Expected Time Duration of a Project Calculation > Harmonic Number and Resonance Frequency > Kanban > Odds Ratio > Percent Error > Relative Risk Confidence Interval (RR) > Relative Risk Reduction (RRR) > Required Sample Size > Root Locus of Open Loop Transfer > Standard Deviation Index (SDI) > Standard Error (SE) of Paired Mean > SE Sample Proportion of Standard Deviation > Tukey's Post HOC Test Calculator > Williams Correction Factor Features: - Z Table - Positive Z Score Chart - Negative Z Score Chart - Formula and description for each calculator - Copy/Paste params and results - Clean, simple and easy to use. If you have any question please contact us: