STEM Islands. City of Light. Optics

OS X 10.6
STEM Islands. City of Light. Optics Instead of studying the phenomena of nature in a classroom, a Physics Teacher and two students – a bright girl Kate and a curious boy Roman – set out on an amazing journey to various wondrous STEM Islands. On Island City of Light. Optics, we will explore the components of the light beam, we will see why the plashes of sunlight appear on the walls and discover why the rainbow appears in the sky. We will learn why people can distinguish colors and how the objects cast shadows. At the end, we will play a game! A Physics Teacher will help students to answer these and many other questions while travelling around the magic City of Light. City of Light. Optics includes 9 learn-and-play sections: • Sources of Light • Light and Shadow • Light Refraction • Mirrors • Light Reflection • Lens • Optical Devices • Eyes and Glasses • Color Learning will always be engaging and interesting. The knowledge gained in the City of Light will help you play the games offered at the end of the sections. You will try your luck shooting a laser cannon, help Kate illuminate a library, build a correct reflection in a distorting mirror with Roma, and participate in lots of other interesting activities.