Step by Step Crafting Tutorials for Minecraft

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Step by step guide for the most enjoyable game, Minecraft. You will learn many things from this Minecraft tutorial. Our course covers all the subjects that every beginner needs. Not only beginners, we believe experts will get many things from this Minecraft tutorial. Step by Step Minecraft Tutorials video content: 1. Download Minecraft for Mac 2. How to Change Skin 3. Make an Empty World 4. Using a Crafting Table 5. Crafting Basics 6. How to Tame a Wolf 7. How to Find Diamonds Easily 8. How to Make a Bed 9. Craft a Clock Map and Compass E1. How to Make Glass E2. Make a Piston Wall E3. How to Make a Diamond Axe E4. Make Iron & Snow Golems E5. How to Make Horse Armor E6. Ten Crafting Recipes E7. Police Car and Bike Tutorial E8. Making a House Real Fast E9. Installing Mods on Mac OSX There is also a PDF with resources for Minecraft mods and maps. You will surely reach next level after you finish Step by Step Minecraft - Crafting Tutorials. 64e4a0dd1d