Step by Step Tutorials for Buildbox

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Step by step guide for the best game maker software, Buildbox. Learn how to make games without coding! Just drag and drop! Our course covers all the subjects that every beginner needs. Buildbox is a software that allows you build a game for IOS, Android or Mac OSX without any coding skills. It's just a drag and drop software. After finishing this course and spending some time with the software, you can easily make a game. There are step by step videos in this guide. Also there is a PDF report that contains information for downloading a 30 days Buildbox trial and ready game templates(source codes) for Buildbox. Video content: A1. Buildbox User Interface A2. Object Assets A3. Character Assets A4. Background Assetsl A5. Power Up Assets A6. Scene Editor A7. Using Connections A8. Menu Editor Overview A9. Game Preview B1. Font Editor.mp4 B2. Advertisement Settings B3. Menu Bar B4. Adding Multiple Worlds B5. Menu Editor B6. Character Components B7. Multiple Character Selector B8. Object Components B9. Using Creator C1. Light Effect C2. Trail Effect C3. Flag Effect C4. Mirror Effect C5. Menu Jump C6. Particle Effect C7. Portal and Gatekeeper Logic Piece C8. Paths C9. Logic Transform D1. Making of a Game Timelapse Step by Step Tutorials for Buildbox Guide will help you reach next level on your game development skills. You can make a game without coding skills for Iphone, Android or Mac OSX. Buildbox is a trademark of 8cell Inc. This tutorial is an unofficial app and not related to Buildbox or 8cell Inc.