Step by Step Tutorials for Unity Game Development

OS X 10.9
Step by step guide for the game development software, Unity. Learn how to make 2D and 3D games easily! Our course covers all the subjects that every beginner needs. Unity is a software that allows you build a game for IOS, Android or Mac OSX easily. After finishing this course and spending some time with the software, you can easily make your first game. There are step by step videos in this guide. Also there is a PDF report that contains information for resources and ready game templates(source codes) for Unity 3D. Video content: 1. Unity 3D Interface 2. Sky Box 3. Screen Layout 4. Materials 5. The Menu Bar 6. Normal Mapping 7. Terrain Sculpting 8. Importing & Exporting 9. Importing Fonts B1. Physics Engine B2. Basic Mini Map B3. Fix GUI Texture Positioning B4. How to make a Split Screen Layout B5. Water Fountain B6. Export from Unity to an iOS Device B7. Exporting to Multiplatforms B8. Putting Video in an Unity Game B9. Dust Effect Step by Step Tutorials for Unity Guide will help you reach next level on your game development skills. You can make your first game easily for Iphone, Android or Mac OSX. Unity 3D is a trademark of Unity Technologies SF. This tutorial is an unofficial app and not related to Unity or Unity Technologies SF. 4eaf5bbcf9