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Stereo Master is viewer, editor, converter and creator of stereo image files: MPO files, side-by-side or anaglyph images With Stereo Master you can: - view MPO and side-by-side stereo images as red/cyan anaglyphs - correct parallax of your stereo images to adjust what is in front and what is at back of stereo effect - correct horizon level of your stereo images - crop your stereo images - create stereo image from left and right images to make your own MPO, side-by-side or anaglyph files - convert between MPO, side-by-side and anaglyph stereo formats, for example you can load MPO file and save it as side-by-side image, or you can load side-by-side image and save it as anaglyph - extract left and right images from your stereo file Some 3D TVs fail to show properly MPO photos with non-zero parallax. Stereo Master allows you to set stereo image parallax to zero. Please visit website to see examples. When registering on Support Forum anti-spambot password is: "iOS". IMPORTANT: to run Stereo Master on RETINA screen you need to turn on "Open in Low Resolution" system property of application file.