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Story Pro A clean but feature rich writing app that scales the text with the screen width — no tiny text that only an eagle with 20/20 vision can read! Includes an idea prompt generator, writing timer, word goal, word count, writing session statistics, and much more. Feature List • Writing session statistics for individual documents, the app, and daily totals. This data includes: — Session number — Date — Time — Writing session duration — Words typed in that session — Words per Hour for that session — Document name This data is exportable as a CSV file for spreadsheets, plain text, or to the printer. • Word goals for both the document and for the writing session. • Word frequency statistics—tells you how many times you used the same word and which words are used once. • Writing timer with writing session duration adjustable from 5 to 90 minutes. • Writing session progress indicator bar. • Writing prompts for those days when your creative muse needs a boost. • Typewriter scrolling that keeps the current line in the middle of the screen. • Typewriter sounds (can be turned off). • Normal or block insertion caret. • iCloud drive support. • Saves document versions (supports saving and reverting of document versions). • Letter, legal or A4 size paper options. • Margin settings for main document and header/footer. • Document properties panel. • Rich text format (rtf) — this is the native file format and saves most of the display settings and other data with the document. • Plain text with a UTF8 encoding. • Html with UTF8 encoding. • Reads .rtfd .doc and .docx files. • Drag and drop txt, rtf, doc, and docx files into Story Pro. • Document is displayed, saved, and printed in pages. • What you see on the display is what you get when printing. • Header and footer with the option to insert page numbers. • Allows setting the starting page number. • Indent paragraphs with hanging indent, block indent, tail indent, etc. • Insert page breaks. • Insert tables and lists. • Set a marker in the text and return to it. • Many (most) settings are saved with the document.