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Professional level 3D design with a user-friendly interface - Design 3D CXi gives you the power to create whatever you can imagine. Design for packaging, products, exhibits, architecture and more. Create illustrations, graphic designs and animations - all with photo-real results. And connect to the rest of the world with Photoshop 3D layers, add 3D to iBooks - and even do 3D printing. Strata Design 3D CXi gives you the power of 3D. • Model Anything Design 3D offers a powerful and friendly modeling toolset. You get a host of modeling options like polygons, spline curves, Booleans and MetaSurfaces. If you're working with existing 3D assets you'll find a variety of import filters to bring in third-party models and scenes. • Texture With Precision Texturing is the key to creating convincing final renderings. Use texturing effects like anisotropic metallic reflections, blurred reflections, volumetric textures like clouds and more. And put the textures right where you want them with UV editing. • Compose Your Scene Imagine a photography studio where you have total control - now you have it. Position your 3D objects and then place lights, reflection panels, cameras, backgrounds, environments and more to produce a superior final render. • Animation That Brings 3D to Life Design 3D's animation tools span from simple to advanced. Included are keyframing, scripting, inverse kinematics, spine animation paths and more. You can even combine your computer generated 3D scenes with real-world video footage with Design 3D's MatchMotion feature combined with software like Pixel Farm's Matchit. Design 3D makes it easy to generate amazing animations. • Top Quality Rendering When you're ready to produce your final image or video, Design 3D's renderer produces superior results that rival 3D programs costing thousands of dollars. From outlines, to toon-style rendering to photo-realism, Design 3D CXi can produce the exact look you're after with blazing speed. It's all about the final results and Design 3D CXi delivers. • Connect To The World With a host of 2D and 3D export formats, Design 3D makes it easy to connect to the rest of the world. This includes rendering to layers in the Photoshop .psd file format, export Collada files tailor made for Apple's iBooks Author app, and even print to 3D with the included file formats that are accepted by popular 3D printing services. • Get Educated Strata Design 3D CXi is backed by a complete online training site at, with tutorials covering all aspects of the software for first time users to 3D professionals. It's a great way to learn and is guaranteed to get you up to speed in a hurry. Features Include: √ Modeling • Polygonal Subdivision Surfaces • Bezier Surfaces • MetaSurfaces • Extrude • Lathe • Boolean • Skin • Path Extrude • Fillet • Deformation Lattice √ Texturing • Photoshop Linking • Bump, Normal & Displacement Mapping • Anisotropic Reflections • Blurred Reflections • Fog, Mist & Haze • Clouds • Multi-Texture Blending Mix Modes √ Lighting • Point • Spot • Directional • Glowing Surfaces • Lightdome HDRI • Gels √ Rendering • Toon • Photons • Raytracing • Raydiosity • Render to Photoshop Layers • Soft Shadows • Stereoscopic • Depth of Field Blurring √ Animation • Scripting • Shatter • Explode • Jiggle • Velocity Graphs • Motion Blur √ Special Effects • Lens Flares • Script FX • Pixie Dust √ File Import/Export • Collada (in/out) • Illustrator EPS v8 (in) • Photoshop PSD (in/out) • 3DS (in) • DXF (in/out) • OBJ (in/out)