Stunt 2 Race : A Moto Bike Fast Racing game of the year 2015

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Stunts and Race combining gives you fascinated & adventure sprit . Rivals chase you to get out of the race but still you have the comfort controls and power ups to takedown And the Best score makes you top of the game . Control your motobike with easy controls during traffic rush time! The Awesome scene like desert, city, bridge, sea and forest empowers your enjoyment. POWER UPS: Missile Power to Trigger the Bullet and blast the rivals GTX Jet Power to fly in air just to escape for a moment Boost power to speed up the moto Shield power to smash the rivals Collect Coins and get more power ups WIN SKILLS : • You need to accelerate moto so that the score will be boosted. The boost factor is shown on the right top of the screen. • Its a quit reckless game so, be aware of opponents • Watch out the indicator light on cars & tempos, trucks as it turns left or right and Few Vehicles will be in parking state • Watch out the cheats or walkthrough game on youtube