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** Top 10 Video App in 32 countries ** Subs Doctor is a simple and easy to use subtitle editor/creator with video preview and subtitle synchronization features. Supported formats: SubRip (.srt) MicroDVD (.sub) SubViewer (.sub) Supported text encodings: UTF-8 UTF-16 UTF-32 Windows CP1250 (Central / Eastern European) Windows CP1251 (Cyrillic) Windows CP1252 (Latin) Windows CP1253 (Greek) Windows CP1254 (Turkish) ASCII ISO Latin 1 ISO Latin 2 ***Very Important*** If you experience no audio or no video, most likely you don't have proper codecs installed, please visit the help page on the support website for instructions on how to install the proper codecs. Be aware that AC3 audio codec may not work on Mountain Lion. Subs Doctor uses the QuickTime for video preview so you can test if it is working by opening a video that has an audio track encoded with AC3 with QuickTime.