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Subtitle Edit is the editing part from Subtitle Studio, the only subtitle and chapter marks solution you will ever need. Find, adjust, Tap2Sync, edit, create, embed. Everything in one App and we are just getting started. It’s great to watch movies in their original language. Subtitles help that everybody can enjoy the movie. With Subtitle Edit, it’s as easy as 1-2-3 or maybe even easier. Make sure Subtitle Edit is the right choice, as we have not yet found a way to allow upgrading to Subtitle Studio cheaper then full price. If you accidentally bought the wrong version for you, please contact our Support via our website. ________________ LIFE UNTIL NOW Do you hate badly synced subtitles? Are you annoyed by all the typos? Are you frustrated by the spoilers of too early subtitles? Did you waste a lot of time on finding one well synced subtitle? Do you fear even creating your own? Subtitle Edit can just vaporize those nightmares! _________ THE BEST We want to be the only subtitle app you ever need. For this our app includes a direct submission of feature requests. Tell us your needs, we are listening. We will pick the most wished for on Facebook and Twitter. YOU decide what the future will bring! _______ EASY… It’s all there and it’s all fun to use: • Just drop your movie onto Subtitle Edit • Drop a subtitle on Subtitle Edit (for auto-search get Subtitle Studio) • Sync subtitle with a single big button – it’s just that easy Hit save and you’re done! Our Tutorial will guide you! _______________________ … YET —PRO—WERFUL! Subtitle Edit features: • Full M4V (also MP4, MOV) workflow: extract, edit,embed • Support for additional formats (using AVI, MKV (limited) and many more … • Movie conversion to M4V (we highly recommend working in M4V) • Embed your subtitles into a new fully optimized M4V file, for AppleTV, iPhone, • Embed your chapter marks into a new fully optimized M4V file, for AppleTV, iPhone, • iPad and all other typical players • Save subtitles to SRT • Save chapter marks to VTT • Read from srt, sub, txt, ass, ssa, vtt • Import SubRip, SubViewer, MicroDVD, Sub Studio Alpha, WebVTT files • Export as SubRip (SRT) or WebVTT (VTT), with any encoding (optionally with Windows line breaks) • Preference for default encoding • Innovative Tap2Sync – when you have the text, but no timing • Add multiple languages • Add multiple versions of the same language • Subtitle Studio organizes your subtitle files for you • Create your subtitle from scratch • Fix the first and last line, Subtitle Studio does the rest • subtitle shifting • Alternatively fix single subtitles • Direct subtitle text edit • keyboard fast editing • movie-free-editing • Search subtitle texts • Easy Search & Replace function • Remove unwanted lines • Add subtitle lines (think about a missing scene, etc.) • Add any number of subtitle language Website:  Subtitle Studio:  Facebook: Twitter: @TheKeptPromise