Subtitle Extractor

OS X 10.9
Want to extract the subtitles present in movie files? Subtitle Extractor extracts all the different language subtitles and saves them as separate .srt files. Watch how to use video here : (or click Subtitle Extractor Support) ● Supports basically any video file that contains subtitles. ● Extracts all Text-Based subtitles as well as Image-Based subtitles irrespective of language. ● Converts Image-Based subtitles present in DVD and Blu-ray RIPs to Text-Based subtitles using OCR Technology. ● Batch Extract. Extract from multiple subtitles from multiple files at one shot! ● Blazing fast. OCR Languages supported - English, Danish, Dutch, German, French, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Russian and 50 other languages. Questions/Suggestions - Please use the contact form at Notes : Apple restricts the opening of .vob files. A 3rd party ripping software is needed to RIP the DVD/Blu-ray to create a .mkv/.m4v/.mp4 (along with subtitles) and then only this app can be used to extract the .srt files. Usually the DVD/Blu-ray contain the subtitles information as images and not as text - So OCR (Optical character recognition) Technology is needed.