Subtitle Translation Wizard

OS X 10.6
Subtitle Translation Wizard is a very simple subtitle translation tool. A lot of languages translation are supported by the tool. You can translate subtitle with SubRip file(*.srt) format, MicroDVD File(*.sub) format, Sami file(*.smi) format and SubViewer file(*.SUB) format within some clicks. First of all, you can just load your original subtitle, then select your original language, then select translated language, then just click translate button, then it's all done. After translation, you can still manually edit the translated subtitle line by line and then save your translated subtitle. At the same time, You can manually adjust timeline of your subtitle with the tool. By using the tool, you can even save mix original and translated subtitle, so you can see both original and translated subtitle at the same time when you see your movie. Anyway it is a versy simple subtitle translation tool.