Subtracting Sardines

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This app is also available for iPad and iPhone! ★ Mentioned in TUAW's hand-picked selections of Daily Deals - ★ Golden App Award -, "I have NEVER formally taught my five-year-old subtraction, and she GETS Subtracting Sardines. Right from her very first go at it, all the way up to nines, even the negative numbers! She’s currently scoring 100% in this app, which blows me away" ★ "With the help of one friendly penguin, and a whole lotta sardines, practicing subtraction goes from boring to fun. Help your children practice subtraction skills on-the-go with this vibrant, kid-friendly app" - Best Apps for Kids, ★ "I found Subtracting Sardines and Adding Apples to be clever takes on Math manipulatives and a fun way to teach basic addition and subtraction skills" - The iPhone Mom, ★ "Another wonderful app from the makers of 'Adding Apples' " - Technology in Education, ★ "We recently reviewed the Adding apples so when we were told about this, we are curious to know how they handle the subtraction. They did managed to pull this off with flying colors." - Technology in Education, ★ "Subtracting Sardines is definitely worth purchasing for children beginning to learn subtraction. Children will have fun and conceptually learn the principles of subtraction from this app" - Subtracting Sardines is a fun learning experience with appealing and interactive 3D graphics. This new software is highly intuitive and with many elements to explore, discover and learn! The natural and logical interaction will help your child to develop a solid understanding of basic mathematics. LEARN HOW TO: • Solve math subtraction from 1-9 right up to 9-9 • Count from -8 to 8, both visually and verbally (US English) • Develops Conceptual Understanding • Builds Confidence ( For variation and to make sure all numbers are used and in different combinations, current keys are marked as done on correct subtraction. When all keys are marked they will reset. This can be disabled in the Settings ) • Large Cartoon Hand Cursor • Max monitor resolution in Fullscreen mode • HD resolution in windowed mode • OS X Lion Compatible • Also available for iPad HAVE FUN: • Interacting with the Sardines (real 3D physics) • Interacting with the earned Gold Coins (real 3D physics) • Seeing how the Penguin on the keypad reacts to various user input • Exploring appealing animations and sounds • Receiving a Gold Coin for each correct answer • Collecting Gold Coins, and working towards 3 different trophies • Seeing statistics on your collected Gold Coins and Sardines • Put the Sardines into ice blocks while counting them • Brush remove fish bones while counting them SETTINGS INCLUDE: • Reset all • Automatic Clear and Plus keys - On/Off • Music - On/Off • Fullscreen Toggle Additional statistics for the teacher/parent: • Accuracy • Accuracy History on each achievement • Correct subtractions • Incorrect subtractions Recommended Grades/Ages: Preschool, Kindergarten, Grades: 1 - 3 Video: Facebook: Support us by writing a review or rating the app! Your feedback is much appreciated! If you have any other questions, please contact us directly at: PRIVACY DISCLOSURE “Subtracting Sardines”: - Does not collect or share any personal data. - Does not contain any ads. - Does not contains In App Purchases - Does not contain Social Network Integration - Includes external links to our developer page on App Store, Facebook and Twitter pages - Includes external link to our support email