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The TOP SELLING GAME in the Portuguese iOS AppStore for more than one month after launch and now also available for Mac OS. Globally rated with 4.5 STARS over +4000 ratings. Tired of playing Hearts and Spades, give Sueca a try - you won't regret it! The extremely popular Portuguese and Brazilian Sueca card game on your iPhone, iPad, iPod and also Mac. Supporting for up to 4 players, beautiful graphics and smooth animations. Sueca is a player-partnership point trick-taking game - playable in single or multi player. It is an extremely fun game, with just the correct amount strategy involved to keep you interested and keep you coming back, playing it for hours. Sueca Pro offers many exciting features, including: - Thoroughly improved multiplayer mode, you can use your Mac, iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad to play with your friends on theirs - Resume mode (single-player) so that you can always continue from where you left - Beautiful exclusive made graphics and playing cards for all devices - Included Sueca play rules and game description - Play using Portuguese or Brazilian rules - Leader board and an extensive list of achievements - Your playing statistics This is it, the killer Sueca game you've been waiting - check it out!