Sun Salutation – Yoga

OS X 10.8
*Special introductory price 50% off* Yoga - Sun Salutation is an application with voice and visual instructions designed especially for people who want to begin their adventure with Yoga practice. Made by the creators of popular 7 Minute Workout application. What’s more there are relaxing sounds included in this application (waterfall, bird song and others). Surya Namaskara (Sun Salutation) is a sequence of asanas that is often conducted in the beginning of longer yoga series. Usually it is repeated a few times or even sometimes many times. One of the most important things during yoga practice is breathing technique that should be synchronized with asanas. If you continue to practice this technique will become more and more natural to you. Yoga brings many benefits to your body and mind improving both your health and physical fitness as well as mental balance. It helps to release stress, relax properly and find peace of mind. If you have any suggestions how to improve this application please contact us using this mail address: Also if you like this app please leave a review in App Store, it will really help us creating more fitness and health applications. Namaste