Sun Temple Shootout

OS X 10.6.6
Scifi Combat Shooting Action Game - Action Thriller -------------------------------------------- In Future-100 years later... --------------------- Earth is attacked by warbots. They want to capture Famous "Sun Temple". Defend the world's "Sun Temple" from Warboats attacks with full might. You can crack and blast enemies with Grenades, engage and kill with Bullets and High Power Bullets. Be-aware and save yourself from rockets and energy weapons attacks from warbots. Youtube Video: Commands: --------- 1) Fire - Press Control 2) Aiming - Mouse 3) Movement - Use Arrow Keys Run - Shift+Up Arrow Key 4) Press/click - Bullets and Grenades button on left side for selecting. Save Me: ------- You can Get a life from 200 stars. Levels: ------ This has four levels. Level-1 is easiest and level-4 is hardest. Level-3 and level-4 are locked and can be locked with In App Purchase. More Ammunitions: ---------------- You can buy stars from Shop (Main Menu) and then use them to buy lives, bullets, and grenades. Rating and Feedback: ------------------- Like it - rate and provide feedback f Find us at: Facebook, Twiter and