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Super Keno is a thrilling variation of the Video Keno game played all over Casinos worldwide. Practice up your Keno skills in the freedom of your home or on the road without breaking the bank! Super Keno is one of the simplest games to understand, as it works similarly like a lottery; place a bet, mark 2-10 numbers out of 80, and feel the excitement as the game picks some, or all, of your numbers chosen from the 20 randomly selected ones. If you hit a certain amount of numbers then you win. Super Keno is more engaging as there is a Super Big Bonus which gives you a huge multiplier of 4x for much bigger payouts if you should be lucky! In keeping the familiarity with the casino game, our version has several extras; Soothing Atmospheric Music, ear-catching Sounds, pleasurable Graphics and a complete Statistical Database that tracks your play inside the game. Plus…A Horror Motif with heart-pounding Music, haunted houses and flapping dark bats. Super Keno gives you unlimited play with unlimited credits! If you are low on credits, the game will automatically give you more! A great feature for you Keno fans! No waiting, no purchasing, automatic! Super Keno is a pay once application. For only $1.99 you get the full game and all updates that come down the pike for free. There are no bothersome ads or crazy endless in-app purchases.