Super Wallpaper

OS X 10.11
* Add life to your boring desktop wallpaper! * This app uses screensavers to bring animations to your desktop. * If you have not installed any 3rd party screensavers, this app will only be able to play the "Flurry" and "Shell" screensavers (due to app sandboxing restrictions) * Most 3rd party screensavers (many of them are free) should work well with this app. * For safety reasons, only screensavers that have been installed for "All Users" will be playable by this app. In other words, "Super Wallpaper" will only be able to play 3rd party screensavers that are located in the directory: /Library/Screen Savers/ * To get the most out of this app, I strongly advise installing the FREE XScreenSaver Collection (by Jamie Zawinsky), which contains over 200 free screensavers, which work well with this app, and has some really cool and fun effects. * Random mode period is adjustable (via the 'Preferences...' menu item) * Frame rate is adjustable, from 1 (uses less energy) to 30 frames per second (via the 'Preferences...' menu item) * Supports multiple monitors. * Quartz Composer screensavers (.qtz extension -- these are rare) are NOT supported by this app.