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SupportMenu sits in the menu bar of OS 10.8 and newer Macs (including 10.11, OS X El Capitan) to provide quick and easy access to local tools, web links and more. SupportMenu provides a unified, persistent, completely customizable app that integrates your own support tools into one, easy to use menu bar item. SupportMenu also integrates with the very popular Zendesk ticketing system to increase visibility of open queries, raising support requests above the clutter of email. SupportMenu can be customized to consolidate multiple Zendesk ticketing systems, while providing a simple, quick-access button to various support resources. PLEASE NOTE: • SupportMenu is a tool for Zendesk end-users, not Zendesk Agents. • Only active end-user Open and Pending tickets are visible in SupportMenu. • Only Public replies are posted to SupportMenu. • Historic, Closed and Solved tickets are not shown in SupportMenu. • Visit the SupportMenu FAQ at