Sweepr (Malware Remover, Browser & System Cleaner)

OS X 10.9
Sweepr can help you when: • Your browsers are slow, clunky, quit unexpectedly or you have navigation problems • Popups are opening all the time with advertisement and scams, your navigation is hijacked or your browser toolbar is full of useless add-ons • Clicking on web links redirects you to more ads or you keep getting notifications about virus warnings, codecs or new Flash and Java versions • Your Mac starts to complain about disk space, hangs, runs slowly and applications are crashing all the time • You receive targeted ads that know what interests you and what websites you are visiting • Your browsers are full of sensitive information and navigation history that you want to dispose Sweepr is designed to: • Clean Malware: no more adware that opens popup windows with advertisement and scams, injected ads or browser extensions that track your activities and hijack your navigation • Clean your Browsers: remove navigation history, cookies, searches, logged in sessions, downloads or other sensitive information and privacy threads. Dispose large and persistent cached internet files • Clean Mail: dispose large attachment and mail caches • Clean your Mac: save disk space by removing useless system caches, log files, update files and other unwanted data. Speedup your system and applications by erasing overly sized application logs and temporary files Support: We read your support emails every day, day by day. Write with confidence any question, feedback or complain and you will receive an answer in a very short period of time.