SwiftoDo Desktop – task list for todo.txt

OS X 10.11
SwiftoDo Desktop is a minimalist, keyboard-driven to-do manager for Mac OS X that conforms to the todo.txt format spec. General features - Full compliance with the todo.txt format spec. - Support for due date (due:), threshold date (t:), recurring tasks (rec:), and hidden (h:1) tags. - Fully keyboard-driven, with one-key bindings for commonly-used commands. - Sorting, filtering, and full-text searching. - Multiple selection in the task list. - Archive completed tasks (to done.txt), either on command or automatically. - Preserves Windows or Unix line endings in the todo.txt file for cross-platform compatibility. - Undo/redo support. - Copy/paste functionality for task list. - Displays general metadata (task counts, etc.) about the task list. # ARE YOU NEW TO THE TODO.TXT FORMAT? SEE WHAT IT OFFERS: ## A task list that *you* control Your task list is a plain text file, not some proprietary format owned by a company or locked to a specific application. ## A simple and timeless format Plain text is the simplest file format there is. It will always be accessible, by some kind of application, forever. ## Few rules to learn Learn only a few simple formatting rules (which SwiftoDo will take care of for you) to indicate task priority, task completion, and so on. ## A GTD-ready system The todo.txt format was built with Getting Things Done in mind. It supports projects (which begin with a “+”) and contexts (which begin with a “@“). ## Use alongside any app on any platform This app plays nicely with file sync software. It saves changes instantly, and reloads the file when changes are detected from external sources.