Switch For LIFX

OS X 10.10
Control LIFX lightbulbs from your Mac in local network. With 'Switch for LIFX', you can turn On or Off any of your LIFX lightbulbs, set color for your lightbulbs. The App will automatically find all your LIFX devices in your local network. New version 1.1 support auto color change according to sound / music rhythm from your Mac microphone, and you can change the color for each musical note. * If you start the App first, then power on/off the lightbulbs, the App may need several seconds to detect that change. And if the lightbulb just power on, that may need several seconds to connect to your local WIFI, then the App can detect it. So it's better always use App to power on/off lightbulbs. * The App can only control lightbulbs in the same network with your Mac.