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Switchboard is a free real time intercom for your close friends and colleagues. Stop typing and start saving time by talking spontaneously with specific people or groups. You’re empowered to communicate on your own terms by controlling who can talk to you and when. Our flexible system brings it all together seamlessly. If your contacts aren’t available, simply leave voice messages for fast and easy communication. Or poke them to get their immediate attention with a push notification. Are you on Slack? Switchboard integration can supercharge your communications; increasing productivity while reducing piled up messages. Key features you’ll wonder how you lived without: -Spontaneous voice communication, as though you are in the same room -Flexible organizing and grouping of contacts -Initiate chats and respond to contacts with voice commands -Control any and all interruptions with do not disturb modes -Leave voice messages for people or groups that are unavailable or offline -Save time by talking instead of typing -Avoid context switching and focus on what matters most See you on Switchboard!