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SwitchList is a Mac program for automatically making lists of freight cars to switch on a model railroad. If you have a small model railroad or a shelf layout and want a switch list program that’s easy to set up and easy to use, try it out! Switchlist's Best Features: • Large print switch lists are easy to read, look handwritten, and look prototypical. Make your operators think you spent all night writing up switch lists! • Graphical user interface for setting up and printing out switch lists. No more editing cryptic files and searching through a sea of checkboxes. • Easy to adjust the available cargos for more realistic traffic flows. Adjusting operating sessions no longer means writing out a hundred new car cards! • Not all cars have to move each session, so movements appear more random. No more repetitive, identical operating sessions. • Allows realistic routing of different railroad’s empty freight cars to different staging yards. Empties leave in a realistic way. • Assigns freight cars based on owner of car. A C&O boxcar won’t be used to haul cement locally for your California railroad. • Define your own switchlist styles. If the built-in realistic switchlists don’t match your railroad, then just define your own. You can even generate custom switchlists that look like car cards and are swipeable on your iPhone or iPad! • View switchlists on your iPad or iPhone. Save paper and work switchlists displayed on your phone, or check your layout state from your iPad.