Sync for iTunes

OS X 10.7
With Sync for iTunes you can easily keep all your iTunes media synchronized across multiple devices, external disks, network drives, etc. Sync for iTunes is very easy to set up, simply drag the folder in which you want to create a copy of your library and your done. You can create exact copies of your libraries if you want to access it from another Mac. Or, you can choose what type of media to synchronize (Music, Videos, TV Shows, Podcasts, iTunes U, etc), and even decide how to organize it using tags to specify the file structure. You can have up to 14 different configurations, all ready to start synchronizing at the press of a button. Then after acquiring a new song or tv show for example, simply run Sync for iTunes, press the big START button and in seconds your new files are where ever you need it to be. IMPORTANT: Please enable the option “Share iTunes Library XML with other applications” on the menu iTunes / Preferences / Advanced, before dragging the iTunes folder into Sync for iTunes. Key features: ▪ Create exact duplicates of your iTunes Library, or choose the contents to synchronize. ▪ Specify what type of media to be synchronized (Music, Movies, TV Shows, Music Videos, Home Videos, Podcasts, iTunes U, Audiobooks, Tones or Books). ▪ Choose which iTunes Playlists (or Smart Playlists) to synchronize. ▪ Synchronization is fast and efficient. ▪ Configure once, then synchronize when you need to, with a single press of a button. ▪ Easily queue slots to be synchronized one after another. ▪ Option to delete files on the destination that no longer exist on your iTunes Library. ▪ Option to start copying as soon as Sync for iTunes is executed. (Useful for creating schedules to run this tool from iCal for example). ▪ Option to write on log files all the operations perform during the synchronizations. ▪ Safely cancel synchronization at any time. You have the option to continue next time you synchronize. ▪ Perform multiple synchronizations simultaneously. ▪ Follow folders in case the name or location has changed. ▪ Configure up to 14 different synchronizations. ▪ Lots of options and yet extremely simple to use.