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SyncMate Plus is fully compatible with OS X 10.6.6–10.8.5. Of course you can use SyncMate Plus on newer systems, but in such case the list of sync options will be limited because Apple Sync Service has been disabled starting from OS X version 10.9. The latest version of SyncMate with OS X Mavericks and higher support is available at (FREE version is also available). **On SALE! ORIGINAL price - $39.99** SyncMate Plus is an all-in-one sync tool for your Mac. All your devices and accounts are synced within one app - SyncMate Plus! No need to purchase several sync solutions for each device. SyncMate Plus can easily keep data in sync between your Mac and: - Windows Mobile devices (via Wi-Fi); - Android smartphones and tablets (via Wi-Fi, USB, Bluetooth); - Nokia S40 phones (via Bluetooth); - CardDAV / CalDAV-enabled services; - Windows PC and Mac computers (via Ethernet or Wi-Fi); - Dropbox accounts; - special Online Storage of SyncMate Plus; - any mounted storage devices; - Sony PSP. SyncMate Plus can sync various types of data (sync options differ for each device, please see the screenshot): - sync personal data (contacts & calendars); - sync media files (images, videos, music); - sync folders; - sync bookmarks; - sync notes and tasks; - manage SMS messages on Mac (create, send, delete); - mount Android and Windows mobile devices as Mac disks; - back up data (online storage or mounted devices). ** Devices Compatibility ** - Android 1.x - 4.x; - Windows Mobile 5.x - 6.x; - Mac OS X 10.6.6 +; - Windows XP, Vista, 7; - Amazon Kindle Fire; - Sony PSP (running Firmware 2.7.1 or higher, PSP Go). **Please note that SyncMate Plus is a special version for Mac App Store that is limited in devices, sync plugins and latest OS X versions support compared to other SyncMate versions. Original version, SyncMate Expert, supports all devices/accounts, plugins and OS X versions (starting from OS X Mavericks). You can find it along with the comparison chart of both versions on Eltima website (follow the link in the right sidebar).**