Synth 76477 Sound Synthesizer

OS X 10.6
Synth 76477 is a powerful sound effects generator and synthesizer app, inspired by the famous SN76477 integrated circuit from the 1970s, but containing many enhancements. Features: • Three oscillators, each of which can produce a sine, triangle, sawtooth, or square wave • The outputs of two of the oscillators can be used to modulate the main oscillator • Frequency modulation can be linear or octave based • The duty cycle of the main oscillator can be adjusted in square wave mode • Noise generator, either analog or digital, with an adjustable low pass filter • Oscillator outputs can be mixed to the audio output • Fully configurable ADSR (Attack / Decay / Sustain / Release) envelope, linear or exponential • One shot mode available • Unlimited number of sound effect generator boards • User configurable array of sound effect generator buttons on each board, up to 20 by 20, or 400. Synth 76477 comes with a full set of sample sound generators, making it easy to understand how to use and configure them, and tap the full power of the app. Generated sound can be saved to WAVE files. Buy your copy right now, and start generating your own sound effects in minutes.