System Toolkit Lite

OS X 10.11
The System Toolkit is an all-in-one information and maintenance app designed for macOS. Information: • System Information Keep track of all your system loads. This includes CPU load, memory usage and network speeds. The full version also offers network traffic information and displays the open network connections. The System Toolkit Full Version also reads the hardware sensor data. • Menu Bar Extra The menu bar extra shows the network download- and upload speed, the total CPU usage the used memory (in the full version, the menu bar extra can be configured). • Overlay Window The overlay window always stays on top of other windows. So even if you have a fullscreen app running, you can use the overlay window to keep track of your system. • Battery Information You can check the battery parameters on the battery page. This page shows detailed information about the internal battery. If you are using a Mac without battery, this page is hidden. If you have trouble using this app, please contact the support: Email: Contact form: More information can be found on the System Toolkit website: Find other great apps on my homepage: