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Make a list of links from your open tabs in Safari, instantly.Take your browser window of research straight into an email to send to a friend, create footnotes for your paper, or drop links into the show notes for your podcast.Tabs to Links detects open pages and can trim repeated text from the end of the titles automatically. Frequently, websites append their site name to the end of a page title. Trim titles detects this repetition automatically and strips it when sharing the links.Export links to the clipboard for pasting into any other app or use the system sharing options like Notes, Mail and Reminders. Just hit Command+C inside Tabs to Links to copy the current list to the clipboard, ready to paste into any app on your Mac.Tip: Hold the Option key to share links as bare URLs, ignoring titles.—Tabs to Links uses Apple Events to function. You will need to grant permission for Tabs to Links to control the Safari browser on your Mac. Tabs to Links operates locally and does not have access to your browsing history.